FiNLAND | 3 x 56 min | 2016 | Finnish
Finland is not recovering after the devastating superstorm Tuula. Besides the damages in infrastructure, also people are flipping out. Especially men. Carnal love seems to hit on these highly sensitive beings like a plague. How is society going to survive from it? How about men themselves? When human bondings are weakening, police inspector Rauni Kolehmainen makes an effort to keep the world from falling apart.
Love and Order is an emotional catastrophe series for television written by Kaarina Hazard and Leea Klemola.
Screenwriters Kaarina Hazard and Leea Klemola
Director Leea Klemola
Main cast Kaarina Hazard, Mikko Roiha, Aimo Räsänen, Henry Hanikka, Laura Rämä, Antti Holma, Pekka Heikkinen, Susanna Kettunen, Allu Tuppurainen
Cinematographer H-P Vitikainen
Costume designer Anna Vilppunen
Make-up designer Marjut Samulin
Editor Jussi Rautaniemi F.C.E.
Sound designers Kyösti Väntänen
Composer Timo Forsström
Producer Jussi Rantamäki
World sales Yle Sales
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