Aamu Film Company is a film production company founded in 2001. We’ve produced fiction and documentary films as well as tv-series, both in short and long formats. We work with devoted  directors in long term relationships that start from making short films and develop into producing international features and series. Aamu Film Company is originally founded by Auli Mantila, and currently co-owned by Jussi Rantamäki and Emilia Haukka.
All of our directors make films for individual reasons and we produce the content they are personally drawn to. We know that the content of a film defines its form and production. That’s why all our film productions are hand crafted for the content in question. We are committed to supporting each director’s authorship and individual path as a filmmaker and artist, as well as find an audience for all of them both in Finland and internationally. By supporting and strengthening the directors’ unique insight and vision in cinema we can challenge and expand the existing genres and create new interesting content.
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