Sweden, Finland |  29 min | 2022 | Swedish
Jakob is a successful life coach providing people with what they want: simple answers in complicated times. But when he is invited to a job coaching company to inspire the unemployed, things start to crumble. Can everything really be solved by having the right attitude?
Lizard Brain premiered at Nordisk Panorama, and went on to screen at R&A Shorts National Competition where it won the main prize, the Aurora Award.
Director Elisabeth Marjanovic Cronvall
Screenwriter Elisabeth Marjanovic Cronvall
Main cast Jakob Öhrman
Cinematographer Theo Kavvadas
Production designer Maria Safronova Wahlström
Costume designer Elin Lilleman Eriksson
Editor Elisabeth Marjanovic Cronvall
Sound designer Thomas Jansson
Producer Cecilia Björk / MDEMC
Co-Producer Emilia Haukka / Aamu Film Company
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