GERMANY, FINLAND | 114 min | 2023 | german
Franky has a hotel in her head, inhabited by four weird but lovable characters who can switch into her body in the real world by using the elevator. When she falls for the boyfriend of her best friend things get out of control.
Franky Five Star premiered at Filmfest max Ophülus.
Director Birgit Möller
Screenwriter Knut Mierswe, Birgit Möller
Main cast Lena Urzendowsky, Cino Djavid, Meryem Ebru Öz
Cinematographer J-P Passi
Art director Mona Cathleen OtterbachMilja Aho
Editor Anna Kappelmann
Sound Urs Krüger, Ingo Voelker, Tobias Fleig, Tilo Ehmann
Music Oona Airola, Juhana Lehtiniemi
Co-Producers Emilia Haukka, Jussi Rantamäki / Aamu Film Company
Producer Jamila Wenske / Achtung Panda!
World sales Patra Spanou Film
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