Finland | 16 min | 2018 | Finnish
Sinikka has by chance made acquaintance with her downstairs neighbour Vilja and asked her for help. Things have taken over Sinikka's home and there is only a small human-sized pathway left in the apartment. As a window renovation is approaching, Sinikka needs to clear 1,5 meters empty space. A short documentary of friendship and its meaning in giving and receiving help.
1,5 Meters Space premiered at FIPADOC 2019 and went further to screen at National Competition of Tampere film festival.
Director Vilja Autiokyrö
Screenwriter Vilja Autiokyrö
Cinematographer Perttu Inkilä
Editor Iiris Anttila
Sound designers Arttu Hokkanen
Music Perttu Inkilä
Producer Emilia Haukka
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